Aqua Blue 3 Tone Disposable


Origin: South Korea


Mode of wearing: day
Term of use: 6 months
Material: Polymacon
Water content: 40.0%
Oxygen permeability (Dk / t): 19.0
The radius of curvature (Rb): 8.6 mm
The thickness of the center (at -3.0 D): 0.09 mm
Diameter (Ø): 14.5 mm
Packing: 1 lens in a bottle
The presence of UV filters: no
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Aryan 3tone Colors – Mystic & Stunning colored contact lenses for light and dark eyes. The lens is available since 1997 and is now “behind” the quality of other manufacturers. First of all, these colors are most demanding colors worldwide.  On the other hand, a lot depends on what your skin & eye color is you and what you expect from these colored lenses.  If you’ve never tried them, it is better to try them in our outlet cabin (Showroom).

Users should be aware that, as with all lenses of high water content (55% or more), this lens requires a more careful treatment, regular cleaning and, depending on the viscosity of your tears and the need for lubrication or lubrication solution.

Because of its Mystic & Stunning Look, these contact lenses must be tried by people who want to show their look stunning.

Aryan 3 Color provides the user to choose the most suitable color of the ten.


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