Soflens Natural Colors



Mode of wearing: day
Term of use: 3 months
Material: polimacon B
Water content: 38.7%
Oxygen permeability (Dk / t): 11.0
The radius of curvature (Rb): 8.4, 8.7 mm
The thickness of the center (at -3.0 D): 0.06 mm
Diameter (Ø): 14.0 mm
Optical range (D): 0.0 -6.0 …
Packing: 2 lenses blister
The presence of UV filters: no


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Soflens Natural Colors – color contact lenses for light and medium-dark eyes. Company Baucsh & Lomb has decided not to chase two rabbits, you do not have to do all the colored lenses for eyes (and light and dark), and released the lens satisfying only the medium-and light-eyed dark-eyed. With this results attained, that is, Soflens Natural Colors look pretty on the eye naturally is not present at radically changing the color of the eye lenses.

The advantage of these lenses is the fact that they are made on the basis of a durable material polymacon, and, therefore, require minimal maintenance and are resistant to protein contamination. The lens performed at two radii and has a good range of colors. Finally, the lens is designed for 3 months, and the irregular wear and longer (with proper care.) Perhaps the only drawback is that the pigments are located on the surface of the lens.


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