Dazzler Eye’s Disposable


Origin: South Korea


Mode of wearing: day
Term of use: 6 months
Material: PolyHema V3
Water content: 33.0%
Oxygen permeability (Dk / t): 19.0
The radius of curvature (Rb): 8.6 mm
The thickness of the center at (-3.0 D): 0.09 mm
Diameter (Ø): 14.0 mm
Optical range (D): 0.0 -8.0 ..
Packing: 2 lenses (blister)
The presence of UV filters: no
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Dazzler Eye’s – 3rd Generation Breathable contact lens.

The advantage of Polyhema V3 hydrogel contact lenses is far greater than the index of the oxygen permeability hydrogel lenses (Dk / t 39). The company secret Color technique to make passage of the oxygen lattice. This allows to nullify the problem of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) which may sometimes occur when using hydrogel lenses (in the case of improper use).

Contact lenses Dazzler Eye’s just developed with reference to the good wettability and softness. This allows the physician to more easily offer these patients instead of hydrogel lenses.

The Dazzler’s 3tone Color pattern is awesome 10 out of 8 customers says the colors are dazzling & Natural.


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