Hidrocor Mel


  • Yearly lens WITHOUT limbal ring for a more natural look
  • Base Curve: 8.7, Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Water Content: 38%, Material: Polymacon 62%
  • this listing is by single lens = you need to order 2 lenses for 1 pair
  • For wear during the daytime for up to one year
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Hidrocor Mel Color Description

Have you always wanted a contact lens that’s light enough to be intriguing but still offers a natural look at it? Mel delivers exactly what you need, with a pistachio green lens that accents just about any complexion. One of our best sellers without a limbal ring, Mel is a hit with lens wearers around the world!

Why to wear Solotica Hidrocor Mel?

Green eyes aren’t very common, and if you have always wanted to have this lovely shade, Mel will deliver striking yet natural results. This color comes without a limbal ring, so it allows for a flawless and earthy look. A light pistachio color accented with gorgeous colored flecks, Mel is one of our best sellers. Wear this color every day for a completely different look, or on special occasions when you want to be a green-eyed beauty!


The result/outcome when wearing color contact lenses will vary on your original eye color, shape of your face, complexion, make-up, lighting and other factors.

Additional information

Base Curve





3 Months

Pack Format

2 lenses (1 pair)


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