PolyVue HD


Origin: Underlicence Korea


Mode of wearing: daily
Term of use: 12 months
Material: PolyHema
Water content: 38%
Oxygen permeability (Dk / t): 29.8
Base curvature radius (Rb): 8.6 mm
The thickness of the center at (-3.0 D): 0.04 mm
Diameter (Ø): 14.0 mm
Optical range (D): +6.0 -10.0 …
Packing: 1 lens in Scew Cap vial
The presence of UV filters: there is
The presence of toning: there is




PolyVue HD – contact lenses for daily wear.

PolyVue HD lens made by injection into the mold. The distinctive feature of these lenses is the design using perednevolnovoy aberrometry Shack Hartmann (patent of PolyVue Technology, USA). This design provides high compatibility with machined contact lenses. Doctors say good clinical picture – mobility, alignment, sharpness of vision. The lens corrects the low degree of astigmatism. Polymacon lens material provides sufficient strength and simplicity of maintenance. Tinted lens.


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