PolyVue HD Toric


Origin : Underlicence from U.S.A (S.Korea)


Mode of wearing: day
Term of use: 6 months
Material: polymacon
Water content: 38.7%
Oxygen permeability (Dk / t): 13.0
Base curvature radius (Rb): 8.6 mm
The thickness of the center (at -3.0 D): 0.07 mm
Diameter (Ø): 14.0 mm
Cylinder (CYL): -0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25
Axis (AXE): 10 Different Axis
Optical range (D): 0.0 … -6.0
Packing: 2 pcs Blister Pack
The presence of UV filters: no
The presence of toning: there is


PolyVue HD toric – toric contact lenses for daily wear aged for 6 months.

A lens made in the rear surface of the double radial design. This facilitates better alignment lenses better mobility and therefore a better wet ability. In our market PolyVue is the only toric contact lens manufactured in a 38% material. They are characterized by high durability, ruggedness of care, resistance to contamination. These contact lenses are also interesting for Practitioners, that they have the maximum possible range of cylinders (from -0.75 to -2.25).

Although the lens does not have record high oxygen permeability, it has established itself at its best. Users note worthy comfort in wearing and decent best visual acuity.

The presence of slow moving lenses (cyl. 3.25, 3.75, 4.25) each time should be specified. In the absence of lenses required parameters you can place an advance payment. Delivery time of up to 45 days from the date of prepayment.

When ordering astigmatic lenses in the order comments, be sure to specify the value of the cylinder (CYL)


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