Zero Zyme

Tablets for the removal of protein deposits from the lens surface

Origin: S.Korea


The number of tablets in the package (pcs): 16
Disinfection time: 30 m. / 4 hours


ZerpZyme tablets for removing protein deposits from a contact lens. Proteins (proteins) represent a very long thread-like molecular compounds. In vysokogidrofilnyh lens are then introduced into the material. The enzyme contained in the tablet (Subtilisin A) reacts with proteins defragment them, so that they can then be washed with a solution.

When the procedure is necessary to fulfill all requirements: necessarily good rinse and rinse lenses after treatment tablets.

Experience shows that the best purification of proteins produced just pills. In fact, tablets should be used even with a solution ReNu MultiPlus, despite the fact that it contains proteins cleaner.


    Subtilisin polietilenglikl, sodium carbonate, tartaric acid, sodium chloride.



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