Sensitive Eyes

Moisturizing and lubricating drops for all types of lenses.

Origin : U.S.A


Volume (Jr.): 15ml


Designed for easy wear contact lenses. Drops contain hydroxypropyl methylcellulose – a lubricant and water retaining agent in ophthalmology. This material forms a thin film on the surface of a contact lens and prevents drying retains its parameters for a long time, whereby lubricating effect is durable. One drop of lubricant can provide comfortable wearing lenses within 4-6 hours ..

Lubricating drops recommended for those who experience dry eyes while wearing contact lenses, users who spend a long time at a computer monitor or in adverse weather conditions (long flight or stay in the car, stay in the room with dry air-conditioned in the stifling smoke-filled room).


In 1 ml. contains sodium chloride and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose wetting agent, sorbic acid 2.5 mg., edetate disodium 1.0 mg. in a sterile isotonic buffered solution.


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