PolyVue HDX Progressive


Origin: Underlicence (Korea)


Mode of wearing: daily
Term of use: 12 months
Material: PolyHema
Water content: 38%
Oxygen permeability (Dk / t): 29.8
The radius of curvature (Rb): 8.6 mm
The thickness of the center (at -3.0 D): 0.06 mm
Diameter (Ø): 14.0 mm
Optical range (D): +6.0 -10.0 …
Packing: 1 lens in Scew Cap vial
The presence of UV filters: there is
The presence of toning: there is




PolyVue HDX Progressive for dailywear.

All the benefits of the High Definition Aspheric lens with an enhanced progressive add in the center, HDX Progressive is designed for early to mature presbyopes. Remarkably high clinical success rate with a single add parameter sets a new standard in the soft multifocal contact lenses. This versatile lens provides stable vision and comfort all day long – an all around winner!


“I first heard of PolyVue because of HDX2 bifocal. I could not believe the success I was getting from day one and told my staff that I was concerned because the lens seemed to be too good. I am not concerned about that anymore as the lens is simply that good! I have fitting sets from 5 different manufacturers in my office and I can honestly say I have successfully fit more patients with PolyVue High Definition Progressive in the first 6 months I have been fitting the lens than I did in the 12 months prior with all the other designs combined. My success rate is above 80% and my patients and I could not be happier. Monovision fitting is not my first choice anymore because of your lens. Your HD2 spherical lens is also one of the best lenses I have ever used for masking low amounts of astigmatism.” Dr. Norris R. Philbeck, OD U.S.A

“In my 17 years as an ophthalmologist, Polyvue’s lenses have done more to make fitting multifocals desirable than any other brand, especially the torics. Patient satisfaction–and particularly getting a call to order more the very next day after they receive trial lenses–has been absolutely exceptional. These are great products, which deliver comfort and function with unparalleled consistency.” Dr. James McMillan, MD U.S.A


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