Opti Free Express

Origin: Alcon U.S.A


Volume (Jr.): 350
Term of use after opening: 6 months
Minimum time of disinfection: 6 hours
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A solution for all types of soft contact lenses having strong antimicrobial action


Opti Free Express – multifunctional solution for all types of soft contact lenses with strong antimicrobial activity. Opti Free Express – quite old development, which, however, remains one of the best selling solutions in the world. Perhaps this is due to prolonged presence in the market of the solution in combination with your physicians who are interested in its strong antimicrobial effect.


  • storage and rinse;
  • Cleaning;
  • disinfection;

At this point the company Alcon also was different from the others. Instead of well-known and well-established poloxamer or poloxamines, she applied sodium citrate (citric acid). This agent is especially effective in the removal of fat. Some people have an increased secretion of fat, and they note that the only solution Opti Free Express copes well with this problem.

strong disinfection is provided with two agents – Polikvad and Aldox. Repeated testing by independent laboratories have shown that Opti Free Express really is the leader of the solutions by force action on bacteria and microorganisms (except peroxide systems).

This function is solved in this product is bad enough. Sorbitol, which is used for moisturizing, makes only an indirect function of moisture.


Based buffer sodium citrate and citric acid polikvad 0.001%, Aldox, 0.56% sodium citrate, 0.021% citric acid, sorbitol, sodium chloride.


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