P2 Penta Plex 360ml


A solution for soft contact lenses

Origin: Singapore


Volume (Jr.): 360ml
Term of use after opening: 3 months
Minimum time of disinfection: 6 hours

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2 Pentaplex – multipurpose solution for soft contact lenses. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide technical information about their products You can refer to the advertising and marketing description, provided by the manufacturer: ” For comfortable contact lens wear you can actually feel. That’s because P2 contains HPMC, a lubricant that retains moisture in your eyes, giving them extra comfort. And with our “No Rub” formula, you can clean your lenses by simply soaking them in the solution”

Hydrogen peroxide must always be neutralized. This function is performed by a metal disk from a special alloy. Within 6 hours of the neutralization process is fully completed.

Unfortunately, this solution is not suitable for storage and treated lenses to be moved to any biguanide solution.


  • storage and rinse
  • Cleaning
  • disinfection
  • Lubrication

Composition shown in packing

A borate buffered sterile and isotonic solution with HPMC, P407 & (PHMB).



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